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5th Largest EMS Provider for Automotive Industry

Our collaborative approach attracts more opportunities from the automotive market as we remain at the forefront of advanced electronics, safety, power-steering, packaging, power modules, and next generation inverters for hybrid and electric vehicles.


We specialize in high-reliability electronics for long product life-cycle segments, offering customized solutions in design, engineering, and manufacturing as we take advantage of the emergence of new applications of industrial electronics for the industrial field market.

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Electronic Manufacturing Service Providers

As one of the leading global providers of electronics manufacturing services (EMS), as well as power semiconductor assembly and test services (SATS), Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc. (IMI) helps you gain a global competitive advantage.

Global Footprint


We are passionate about meeting the demands of leaders in high-growth markets for innovative manufacturing solutions that not only stand the test of time, but also help shape the future.



Based on 2017 revenues, IMI is the 5th largest EMS Provider to the automotive industry in the world as per New Venture Research. In fact, IMI ranks 18th in the list of top 50 EMS providers by the Manufacturing Market Insider (March 2018 edition). IMI currently supports  9 out of the top 15 Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers.



There has been a steady rise in the number of factories in the industrial market using intelligent control systems such as computers or robots, and information technologies in the recent years to handle different processes and machineries to replace a human worker.  At IMI we offer only the best industrial manufacturing solutions for the benefit of our industrial company partners in the market for their success in efficiency, reliability, and long-life cycle products.

Other Markets

Other Markets

IMI remains at the forefront of manufacturing technologies focusing on transforming businesses and driving the world economy with knowledge and expertise, servicing markets in AEROSPACE, MEDICAL, TELECOMMUNICATIONS, RENEWABLE ENERGY, and POWER SEMICONDUCTORS.


Global Footprint

Our global acquisitions and expansion over the years has strengthened IMI’s ability to support the different regions we serve. With 21 factories across 10 countries and  400,000 square meters of manufacturing space, We can improve OEMs time-to-market and decrease product costs, among many other benefits. Our footprint spans across the Philippines, China, Bulgaria, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia, Taiwan, the UK, the United States, and Mexico.


Technical Experts

We are committed to providing technical excellence and expertise in product design and development (D&D), advanced manufacturing engineering (AME), Analytical Test and Calibration (ATC Labs), and Test and System, prototyping, new product development (NPD), new product introduction (NPI), design for excellence (DFX), and concurrent engineering.

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With our global footprint, 140+ surface mount technology (SMT) lines, engineering, design capabilities, and dedicated NPI and prototyping facilities, we can get better quality products to market faster than our competitors. Other time-to-market strategies that companies can take advantage of when partnering with IMI is Design for Excellence (DFX) principles, rapid prototyping, and on-site customer development teams. IMI’s team of flexible experts can provide both low mix/high volume (LMHV) and high mix/low volume (HMLV) facility options, tools, knowledge and resources necessary for efficient, effective, and quality manufacturing operations and solutions.


Quality Solutions

Our reputation proceeds us – we are known for providing some of the highest quality solutions in the EMS, especially to our Automotive and Industrial customers.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Innovative technology/engineering orientation
  • Worldwide manufacturing facilities and engineering and design centers
  • Comprehensive design and engineering expertise
  • Range of production capabilities (low-volume/high-mix to high-volume/low-mix)
  • Innovative, experienced and highly skilled manpower
  • Reputation for the highest quality — our goal is zero defects by 2020
  • Culture of operational excellence and technical expertise
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