Other Industries


No matter what you require, IMI has the electronics solution for your aerospace and/or military needs. From cockpit avionics to in-flight entertainment and mobile communication systems, our excellence in unparalleled — not only in commercial applications but also in electronics for seaborne and ground systems.

Radio Frequency (RF) Expertise

  • Proficiency in satellite communications (satcom) for land, air and sea
  • Satcom terminal design and development
  • Satcom link budget analysis
  • Satcom network planning
  • Design for harsh environments (temperature, shock and vibration, salt spray, etc.)

IMI Aerospace Differentiators

Low cost Solutions: IMI has low cost solutions as have AS9100 Factories in Cebu, Philippines.

RF Expertise: Extensive RF experience that can be leveraged for other Aerospace products.

Design Expertise: IMI’s extensive aerospace and military design product portfolio can help reduce risks and time-to-market.


The medical industry has changed drastically by taking advantage of mobile, imaging and miniaturization technologies to improve the quality and reliability of healthcare. IMI is in the forefront of helping medical device companies improve products and access innovative and proven technologies used in other industries to improve product time-to-market, costs, performance and quality of medical products.

Medical Product Expertise

  • Auto-Contouring Imaging Equipment
  • Dental Imaging Products
  • Extensive Hearing Aid Miniaturization Technology
  • Bio-Medical Test and Instrumentation
  • Booster Amplifier
  • Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON) Systems
  • Base Station Power Supply
  • Satellite Radio Products
  • Fiber to “X” Systems

IMI Medical Differentiators

Miniaturization Technology Focus: IMI has over 20 years in micro-electronics focus to reduce product size and costs while improving performance and quality.

Factory Medical Certifications: IMI has ISO 13485 factories for medical manufacturing.

North America NPI & Proto Lab:The IMI Tustin, CA (Southern California) location is focused on medical product NPI and prep for volume production.

Communication Infrastructure

As more and more broadband is needed globally, IMI has been a leading innovator in providing design, test, and manufacturing solutions to many of the top communication infrastructure OEMs. Below are a few of the products IMI has either developed, manufactured or both.

Communication Infrastructure Expertise

  • Booster Amplifier
  • Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON) Systems
  • Base Station Power Supply
  • Satellite Radio Products
  • Fiber to “X” Systems

IMI Communication Infrastructure Differentiators

Reliability Focus: Using IMI’s Design, Advanced Manufacturing, Test and Reliability Labs, IMI can provide improved reliability in the communication infrastructure products.

Communication Hardware Expertise: IMI is doing business with the top Global Communication Hardware OEMs.

Global Footprint: IMI factories located in Asia, North America and Europe.