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Other Markets

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IMI remains at the forefront of manufacturing technologies in engineering and industries that are continuously transforming businesses and driving the world economy with knowledge and expertise in servicing various manufacturing markets and industries.

EMS, in general, provides design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, fulfillment support and other services to OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in all industries not limited to Automotive and Industrial. EMS providers are also necessary for other manufacturing industries like Aerospace, Medical electronics, Renewable Energy, Power Semiconductor, and Telecommunications sectors.

IMI continues to build capabilities and explore more opportunities in various sectors including electronics in the Aerospace, Medical, and Telecommunications industry, as well as production of computing and storage devices, security applications and medical devices, among others. We also provide services to the renewable energy market.


The aerospace industry is involved with vehicular flights within and beyond Earth’s atmosphere, while aerospace engineering – one of the newest branches of engineering – deals with designing and manufacturing machines for aerospace voyages such as airplanes, spacecraft, rockets, missiles, and more. Aerospace engineering also tests, operates, and maintains the aerospace vehicle key support systems as well as work on its subsystems like propulsion and avionics.

As one of the leading EMS providers, IMI takes pride in our capability of supplying aerospace assemblies used in the latest advancements in mobile communications on aircraft when in flight. Our aerospace products, ranging from cockpit avionics to in-flight entertainment systems, are unmatched, not only in commercial applications, but also in electronics for seaborne and ground systems.

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The medical industry has changed drastically by taking advantage of mobile, imaging, telemedicine, and miniaturization technologies to improve the quality and reliability of healthcare. However, by increasing the number of electronic components and connectivity abilities in devices, the industry has opened itself up to security risks, and need to continuously protect their devices and products with cybersecurity in the firmware and software of the electronics. IMI is in the forefront of helping medical device companies improve products and security, while accessing innovative and proven technologies used in other industries to improve product time-to-market, costs, performance, and quality of medical products.

Product Experiences

  • Auto-contouring Imaging Equipment
  • Dental Imaging Products
  • Extensive Hearing Aid Miniaturization Technology
  • Bio-Medical Test and Instrumentation


As more and more broadband is needed globally, IMI has been a leading innovator in providing design, test, and manufacturing solutions to many of the top communication infrastructure OEMs. Below are a few of the products IMI has developed and manufactured for some of our customers.

Product Experiences

  • Booster Amplifier
  • Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON) Systems
  • Base Station Power Supply
  • Satellite Radio Products
  • Fiber to “X” Systems

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