Advanced Mfg.

IMI’s Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (AME) group offers cutting-edge technologies in flip chip, interconnect and precision assemblies. The group researches the latest manufacturing technologies and creates custom processes to help us meet your product requirements — reliability, form factor and functionality — while helping you gain a competitive edge. IMI Tustin, CA (Southern California) is the global headquarters for the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Group and supports many North American Customers with cutting-edge process technologies.

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Capabilities

RFQ and Engagement Review

  • Feasibility Review
  • Manufacturing process flow definition review & other back-end process options
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Testability (DFT) review for process

Value Engineering

  • Bill-of-Material Analysis
  • Product re-design
  • Process value definition & analysis

Concurrent Engineering & New Process Development

  • Prototype Assembly and Materials support
  • Program management support
  • DFM and DFT review for raw PCB, panelization & stencil
  • Process tooling, test, and automation processes
  • Process development (5M + E) from small precision assemblies with Chip-on-Board (COB), Flip Chip (FC), or Surface Mount Technology (SMT), multichip modules, patented processes, custom back-end and final assembly & test processes
  • Production line definition and startup
  • Supplier development and DFM, and DFT of custom mechanical parts and production tooling for plastic injection molding, mold design, sheet-metal stamping, PCB and connector assemblies
  • Design for assembly (DFA), mechanical finite element analysis and metrology development

Benefits of IMI’s AME Services:

Time-to-Market: Proven process development expertise to launch products faster.

Cost Reduction: Reduce manufacturing costs by transferring proven processes to factories.

Improved Quality: early involvement with factory quality specialists to improve quality.