Analytical Testing Services

Analytical Testing Services

Analytical Testing is necessary to identify chemical makeup or characteristics of a particular sample which is also used for reverse engineering or failure analysis.

On the other hand, calibration is the process of comparing an instrument with another instrument that has already been calibrated to ensure accuracy.

The two processes are equally important, as they are both needed to remove or lessen uncertainties in the samples or equipment to avoid any critical mistake.

IMI’s Analytical Testing and Calibration, or ATC Laboratory, has been involves in development of cost-effective and timely failure analysis, reliability testing, and calibration services for many years while adhering to strict quality standards.

Reliability Test Services

IMI designs, builds, evaluates and performs reliability testing and processes to predict product life profile and reliability for various materials. Our stress screening, reliability testing together with modeling services conform to international standards.

Environmental Reliability Test Services

  • High- and low-temperature storage and operating life tests
  • Temperature humidity test
  • Temperature cycle test and power thermal cycle endurance test
  • Temperature shock test
  • Highly accelerated life test/highly accelerated stress screen (HALT and HASS)

Other Test Services

  • Mechanical tests (push/pull, shear, drop and lead integrity tests)
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Solderability test
  • Moisture sensitivity level assessment
  • ESF test
  • Resistance to chemical loads
  • EMC testing

Calibration Services

IMI performs calibration and verification for mechanical, electrical and thermometry products.


  • Engineering metrology equipment
  • Indicating and recording instruments
  • Ancillary temperature measuring instruments
  • Waveform measuring instruments
  • Electrical measuring instruments
  • Weighing devices

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