Camera Vision

The IMI Camera and Vision Technology (CVT) group is currently developing vision-based products to support Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) requirements and Industrial Applications. ADAS systems are automated or enhanced systems that improve safety for drivers, other motorists and pedestrians by alerting the driver of hazardous road conditions. The ultimate goal is to get ready for autonomous or self-driving automobiles, and this requires cameras capable of sensing, perceiving and acting.

With 10 years of experience in camera design and development, the CVT group develops platform designs that can be customized by customers to reduce total development time, as well as new platform variants to help meet the demand for high-resolution cameras.

IMI Camera Features

  • Compact with a cross-section that is the smallest in the industry
  • Easily customizable with choice of image sensors, output interfaces and optics
  • Excellent thermal management for high reliability and performance
  • Robust to withstand extreme environmental conditions
  • Cost-effective due to ability to be manufactured inexpensively

IMI Minicube Platform (for Design-In Projects)

This evolving platform of automotive-grade camera modules provides a menu feature set of qualified optical front-end and electrical back-end options, offering the best quality, smallest size and lowest cost. Features and benefits include:

  • Suitable for ADAS and mirror replacement supplication
  • Innovative materials
  • Advanced thermal management
  • Perfect camera axis alignment
  • Unique packaging concepts
  • Increased integration
  • Lean manufacturing design
  • Process elimination
  • High-yield processes
  • In-situ multi-axis optical alignment
  • Smaller, lighter and lower cost
  • High Reliability and Robustness (R&R)
  • Flexible (silicone agnostic)

Minicube Platform Features

  • Very small size (20.5mm x 20.5mm x 21.5mm
  • Ultra lightweight (< 10g excluding lens)
  • Adaptable to various types of lenses
  • SoC or 2-chip CMOS (YUV422 or raw HDR)
  • LVDS serialized, inductively coupled PoC
  • MCU and/or SPI flash optional
  • Bare die (or packaged)
  • Flexible: lens and silicone agnostic

Benefits of IMI’s Camera’s Platform:

Time-to-Market: Proven and validated camera design platform for faster time-to-market.

Cost Competitiveness: Cost-competitive components selected with optimized assembly processes.

Flexibility: Core platform design with multiple variants to meet customer needs.

Your One-Stop Shop

IMI also offers smartcube (with stereo vision) and microcube (sensor-only) models. Our range of options, backed by the technical expertise of our Advanced Manufacturing Engineering group and Test & System Development group, makes IMI your single source for camera design, prototype development and mass production requirements.