Design Services

IMI closely works with our customers — from concept to design through manufacturing — to help improve product costs, quality, performance, time-to-market and reliability of customer’s products. Our Design and Development (D&D) group has a high level of expertise in electronic design, mechanical design, software development and the building of customizable platforms in the areas of automotive cameras, motor drives and power modules. IMI has over 200 engineers in the Design and Development Team globally.

Our design services include: Design-For-Manufacturability (DFM) Design-For-Assembly (DFA), Design-for-Costs (DFC), Design-for-Test (DFT) and Design-for-Quality in our Risk Product Analysis process in which we consider how we can improve the design and assessing risks for each design, while improving costs, performance, quality, time-to-market and reliability.

Contract Design and Joint Development Solutions

IMI applies its outstanding design and development capabilities to create a wide array of solutions, including power electronics to low- and high-frequency designs. Our services range from development of hardware and software, PBC layout and more. IMI can be contracted to design a complete or part of a product or be part of the customer team to provide “Joint” Development Services, where IMI jointly develops a product with the customer. IMI methods use industry standards to ensure we provide solutions that meet customer’s requirements, including ISO 9001and Failure Mode Effect and Diagnostic Analysis.


  • Hardware and Software Design
  • PCB layout
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Bill-of Material Analysis
  • Thermal, Vibration and Electronic Simulation
  • Product Risk Analysis: DFx (Design for eXcellence): Design-for-Manufacturability (DFM), Design-for-Components (DFC), Design-for-Testability (DFT) Design-for-Quality (DFQ).

Benefits of IMI’s Design and Development (D&D) Services:

Time-to-Market: IMI’s proven Design and Development Services and methodologies have consistently provided customers competitive advantage by reducing time-to-market requirements.

Product Cost Reduction: IMI D&D services will leverage IMI’s Factory processes and IMI Global Material Spend to help reduce product costs.

Improved Quality: IMI D&D services will use proven processes and simulation tools together with IMI factory test and quality experts to improve product quality.