Test & Systems

Test & Systems

New and leading-edge products integrate diverse functionalities and technologies that make the design of test solutions more complex and challenging.

However, testing solutions at IMI guarantee full coverage of customer design and performance specifications regardless of product complexity.

IMI makes product testing a competitive advantage for our customers, ensuring that their products are of the highest quality by providing effective and efficient test solutions, such as analytical stress testing done by our ATC Lab, which performs rigorous product testing prior to uts launch or shipment. The process is crucial because it monitors the potential threats of the product from its competitors and at the same time ensures that it is safe for general use. Test solutions and systems development can also measure the effects of aging on products.

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Automotive Testing

For automotive products, 100% test coverage is required as well as functionality in harsh environmental conditions – low and high temperatures, pressure, humidity, vibration, etc. Critical requirements include: Full Test Coverage, Measurement Accuracy and Gage, Repeatability, and Product Data Traceability. A five-star test development process includes: Project Planning, Test Systems Design, Systems Build, System Buy-off and Project Closure or Endorsement. This process is implemented and managed through “gate check points” helping to ensure compliance to quality standards and customer requirements.

Efficient Platform-Based Solutions

Products with multiple variants benefit from a test platform approach. Existing testers may be configured easily to support new product specifications. Re-use of common equipment is also possible. Parallel testing may be designed upfront for products running at very high volumes and complex tests which may take a longer time to complete if done in a single test mode. These value-add options enable quick support for sudden business growth requirements.

Embedded Automation

Automation improves product quality. Mechanical engineers carefully design the electro-mechanical systems which handle the product during testing and backend finish processes. Automation allows the integration of different processes in a single system. This improves quality by eliminating errors incurred in manual operations and increased overall throughput. Recent test solutions that have been developed include:

  • Integrated Rotor Position Sensor Tester
  • Laser Marking and Unit-Sorting System Using 6-Axis Robotic Arm Manipulator
  • High Capacity Run-In Tester Capable of Testing Over 100 PCBs of Different Types
  • High KVA IGBT Power Module Tester for Static and Dynamic Characteristics Measurements

In-Circuit Testing

In-Circuit Test (ICT) is recommended by IMI to test the electrical integrity of PCBAs. IMI uses a variety of platforms and incorporated both “bed and nails” and flying probe ICT based on volumes, mix, complexity and lifecycle of a product. ICT is used as a part of the overall strategy to test product prior to leaving the factory.

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