Electronic Design Services

Electronic Design Services

IMI’s Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (AME) group offers cutting-edge technologies in flip chip, interconnect, and precision assemblies.

The group researches the latest manufacturing technologies and creates custom processes to help us meet your product requirements – reliability, form factor and functionality – while helping you gain a competitive edge. 

IMI in Tustin, CA (Southern California) is the global headquarters for the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Group and supports many North American customers with cutting-edge process technologies.

electronic design services

Contract Design and Joint Development Solutions

IMI applies its outstanding design and development capabilities to create a wide array of solutions, including power electronics to low and high-frequency designs. 

Our services range from the development of hardware and software, PBC layout and more. IMI can be contracted to design a complete or part of a product or be part of the customer team to provide “Joint” Development Services, where IMI jointly develops a product with the customer. 

IMI methods use industry standards to ensure we provide solutions that meet customer’s requirements, including ISO 9001and Failure Mode Effect and Diagnostic Analysis.


  • Hardware and Software Design
  • PCB layout
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Bill-of Material Analysis
  • Thermal, Vibration and Electronic Simulation
  • Product Risk Analysis: DFx (Design for eXcellence): Design-for-Manufacturability (DFM), Design-for-Components (DFC), Design-for-Testability (DFT) Design-for-Quality (DFQ).

Benefits of IMI’s Design and Development (D&D) Services:

Time-to-Market: IMI’s proven Design and Development Services and methodologies have consistently provided customers a competitive advantage by reducing time-to-market requirements.

Product Cost Reduction: IMI D&D services will leverage IMI’s Factory processes and IMI Global Material Spend to help reduce product costs.


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