LED Assembly

IMI designs and manufactures LED lighting systems for OEMs in many industries, including the automotive, industrial and medical markets. Our LED work includes mechanical, circuit and thermal design, as well as high-quality LED assembly, LED Modules and manufacturing for many types of lighting systems.

We have delivered a range of products to our customers, including:

  • Light fixtures
  • Retail luminaires
  • Street lighting
  • Control boards
  • Circuit boards
  • Light strips
  • Driver assemblies
  • Industrial lighting

Whether you need design, prototyping, manufacturing and testing — or just one of these services — you can count of the skilled, knowledgeable staff at IMI to help you achieve your goal.

Benefits of IMI’s Plastic Services:

Time-to-Market: IMI has proven LED assembly processes to shorten time-to-market requirements.

Cost Competitiveness: Leverage IMI LED manufacturing and supply chain experience to improve costs.

Improved Quality: IMI’s proven LED assembly processes for improved quality requirements.