Motor Drive

IMI has a ready motor drive platform design that can easily be adapted to all BLDC (brushless DC) electric motors in the automotive industry. Our software respects Automotive SPICE® (ASPICE) standard/key automotive design methodology, resulting in reduced design costs and time-to-market for our customers resulting in optimized implementation of the electronic board in the motor. With the use of a 3D printer, IMI can propose very fast prototypes for product qualification.

The main benefits for our customers include:

  • Very low design costs
  • Very fast development time
  • Reliable solutions
  • A complete solution, including product validations, within 6 – 9 months

Our Motor Drive Platform’s Covered Products

  • Air cleaner (100W)
  • Foldaway mirror (50W)
  • Electrical power steering (1,000W)
  • Selective catalytic reduction pump (100W)
  • Dual clutch transmission (60W)
  • Engine cooling fan (600W)
  • Seat positioning motor (100W – 500W)
  • Seat cooling fan (10W)
  • Active suspension (100W)
  • Active brake fan (100W)
  • Electric oil pump (200W – 400W))
  • HCAV blower (300W – 600W)
  • Battery cooling fan (50W)

Fully Developed Projects

Colibri Project

  • Small and versatile
  • NXP MagniV-based processor
  • Up to 400W
  • Application: 12V BLDC ECU
  • Yearly volume: about 1 million pieces

Elvira Project

  • Colibri challenger
  • Infineon-based processor
  • Up to 400W
  • Application: 12V BLDC ECU
  • Yearly volume: about 1 million pieces

Ibis Project

  • Big and high power
  • NXP MagniV-based processor
  • Up to 1kW
  • Application: 48V BLDC ECU
  • Yearly volume: about 1 million pieces

Benefits of IMI’s Motor Drive Platform Design Services:

Time-to-Market: Save 12-36 months of design and development time by using proven IMI motor drive design platforms.

Cost Reduction: Reduce development and production costs by using IMI motor drive design platform.

Improved Quality: IMI has gone through extensive testing of motor drive software operational algorithms, HALT/HASS and product reliability testing for improved product quality.