PCB Assembly

For over 30 years, IMI has been proud of its position as an industry leader in terms of printed circuit board assembly services — supplying both rigid and flexible products to clients in the automotive, industrial, communications infrastructure and medical industries, as well as those in other markets.

Our PCB assembly services include not only PCB board design, but also design-for-manufacturability, prototyping, circuit board manufacturing, low-volume/high-mix to high-volume/low-mix production, and more. Our inspection and testing services also feature state-of-the-art equipment, as well as all of the latest best practices in terms of test system development and automation.

What Is PCB Assembly?

It should be noted that PCB assembly is a far more specific process than most realize, and one that differs greatly from the manufacturing process for a traditional circuit board. PCB design is a crucial element of manufacturing printed circuit boards, as is the process of creating a viable PCB prototype. Once that PCB is finalized, electronic components need to be soldered directly onto it in a precise way, given the goals of the result before it can be used in any type of electronic equipment or other device that is typically the “brains” of the product.

Indeed, the assembly process is dictated by a variety of factors — including the type of circuit board, electronic components, the assembly technology (i.e. SMT, PTH, COB, etc.), inspection and test methodologies, the purpose of that circuit board assembly, and more. These elements all point to a process that requires a steady, experienced hand to help guide assets across all phases of production.

IMI: The Partner You Need

There are a wide range of benefits you’ll get when partnering with IMI that you won’t be able to replicate via other printed circuit board assembly manufacturers:

  • Superior flexibility – Because we can provide both high-mix/low-volume and high-volume/low-mix facilities, we have the tools, expertise and passion necessary for jobs operating under any set of requirements that concern you.
  • Miniaturization, value engineering, design and development expertise – we can help customers reduce product size and improve performance, quality and costs across the board — all at the same time.
  • Time-to-market reduction – Because of our global footprint (we have 19 factories in eight countries with more than 140 surface-mount technology lines around the world), engineering, design capabilities, dedicated new-product introduction and prototyping facilities, we can get better quality products to market faster than any of our competitors — guaranteed.
  • Cost competitiveness – We’re ready and able to leverage our full global material spend and low-cost facilities to your advantage, helping you and your teams make significant gains in terms of cost efficiency and return on investment.

Product Range — PCBA/FCBA


  • Flex/PCBA with 0201
  • COB/SMT assembly with flex interconnects
  • SMT and flip chip on flex with laminated supports
  • Flip chip on flex assemblies
  • PCBA with μBGA
  • Chip-on-flex and ceramic
  • Chip-on-board


  • Automotive camera module
  • Automotive sensors, controllers & motor drives
  • Multichip modules (MCM)
  • Precision miniaturization products
  • Custom PCBA designs
  • Sub-assembly and full box-build

Product Range — Complex PCBA


  • Complex boards max size: 510mm x 460 mm
  • High component count: up to 2,000 components per board
  • Combination of CSP, BGA, PTH connectors
  • BGA inspection, burn-in and conformal coating processes
  • Full testing (ICT, FCT)


  • Hearing diagnostics for medical application
  • Switch and control board for communication application
  • 375 watts for thermal printer
  • 487 watts for thermal printer
  • Power supply for medical application
  • Amplifier for industrial application

Product Range — Test Boards


  • 430mm x 480mm x 5mm boards, 16 – 20 layers
  • Typical 0402 chips to 0.3mm ball size BGAs
  • 400 – 500 average number of components, maximum of 1,500
  • 2 to 5 boards per lot

If you are ready to see firsthand why IMI is an industry-leader in global manufacturing solutions, call or contact us today.