Power Modules

IMI is a powerhouse among power module manufacturers. We offer custom as well as standard design platform packages to meet your needs.

Design Capabilities/Expertise

  • Layout
  • Bonding diagram
  • Thermal simulation
  • Parasitic component simulation
  • Thermal impedance measurement
  • Insulation test, avalanche test and more
  • Material selection using appropriated technology versus product power and environment
  • AEC-Q101 certification for automotive using IMI’s lab
  • Design rules

Technology Capabilities/Expertise

  • Protection: HT silicone gel, epoxy potting, transfer molding
  • Interconnection: AI wire, Cu/AlCu wires, Cu clip, US welding
  • DBC or lead frame
  • Die/substrate attach: Si3N4AMB, SiC/GaN
  • Baseplate: warpage control, pre-TIM, direct cooling

Power Module Virtual Prototyping

  • Power Module Analysis Before Prototyping
  • Electrical and Electromagnetic Simulation
  • Thermal Simulation
  • Fluid Flow Simulation
  • Thermo-Mechanical Simulation

Process Capabilities/Expertise

  • Water sawing
  • Molded DBC (epoxy)
  • Copper lead frame, US welding
  • Silicone gel
  • COB (wire, clip bonding)
  • Sintering (no reflow but assembly by sintering)

Assembly and Production

  • Die attach soldering
  • Baseplate attach soldering
  • Top Side connection (ribbon branding, dip)

End-of-Line tests

  • Static Tester
  • Dynamic Tester
  • Insulation Tester
  • Mechanical Measurement

Benefits of IMI’s Power Module Services:

Time-to-Market: Use IMI’s Proven Power Module Platforms and save 12-36 months of design and development time.

Cost Reduction: By consolidating components in a IMI Power Module, customers will reduce the size of the product and reduce the product costs.

Improved Quality & Reliability: IMI goes through rigorous tests and simulations to improve IMI’s power module quality and reliability.