Test & Systems

IMI’s effective and efficient product functional and in-circuit testing strategies utilize rigorous analyses to ensure the highest quality products, which helps you gain a competitive advantage. No matter how complex and challenging your product, every test solution at IMI focuses on attainment of full coverage based on your design and performance specifications. IMI is different, in that we evaluate manual processes that can be automated and propose solutions to improve costs, quality and reliability by implementing and automating test systems we design.

Functional Testing
Most IMI customer products require rigorous test coverage, including testing for functionality in harsh conditions such as High Vibration, Broad Temperature Ranges, wide pressure and humidity levels.

Our five-step testing addresses compliance to most quality and customer requirements that include:

Project plan and definition
Test system plan
Execute test and system build
Customer system sign-off
Product delivery
Platform-Based Solutions
Platform-based solutions apply to products with several variants. Existing testers can be reconfigured to support new and existing product specs, and some equipment may be re-used. Automating test solutions may be performed for products running at high volumes that reduce costs while improving product reliability.

In-Circuit Testing
In-Circuit Test (ICT) is recommended by IMI to test the electrical integrity of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies.IMI uses a variety of platforms and incorporates both “bed and nails” and flying probe ICT based on volumes, mix, complexity and lifecycle of a product. ICT is used as a part of the overall strategy to test product prior to leaving the factory.

Systems Automation

IMI is constantly looking at how to automate a process. Automation benefits include improved quality & increased throughput by eliminating c manual errors, while automating processes into a single system. IMI’s engineers design electro-mechanical systems to automate processes during, assembly, test and final product operations. IMI recently developed the following test solutions:

Tester for integrated rotor position sensor provides laser marking and unit sorting using 6 axis robotic-arm manipulator
5 axis camera focusing and alignment systems
Automatic testers for eye tracking systems
RF test system for tracking devices
Benefits of IMI’s Test and Systems Automation Services:
Time-to-Market: Leverage proven best-in-class test platforms and know-how to improve product time-to-market requirements.

Cost Reduction: For high volume applications, IMI can automate test systems to reduce manufacturing costs.

Improved Quality: IMI will leverage its extensive factory test development global library and resources to improve production quality.